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Instant acne results in the digital era


“I need my acne gone. NOW”

Movies, music and games stream live to digital devices. Same day delivery, just a click away. And when it comes to socializing, we are hyper-connected. So if instant is the new normal, it’s understandable you find the bad news hard to accept: most acne treatments can take up to six weeks to kick in.

And selfie-culture only raises the stakes. Selfies are all about capturing the moment, but they can lose their fun and spontaneity for the 90% of teens who suffer from acne . If you want to live up to the polished perfection of today’s reality stars, there’s always photoshop and make-up. But poor quality foundations, applied in heavy layers and inadequate make-up removal at the end of the day all add up to a vicious cycle for acne-prone skin.

Traditional acne treatments: too slow for the digital era

Of course, the ultimate solution to tackle acne-prone skin is to treat its root causes. And that means seeing a dermatologist. But in a world of instant results, even the top treatments can feel too slow.

“Unfortunately, your average teen just doesn’t have the patience to stick to treatments – about half of them simply give up2.” Dr. Philippe Beaulieu

Tinted treatments: Your new acne heroes

No more waiting weeks to see results, these latest formulas fit in perfectly with today’s world of instant gratification. In seconds, their natural-look pigments even out the complexion. Finally, acne-prone skin is selfie-ready. In an instant.

And the good news continues…

Thanks to this instant gratification effect, you’ll be far more likely to stick to your treatment, which means the active ingredients can treat imperfections and marks in-depth. Win win!


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