“I tested a hair loss solution... and it worked!”

Img_“I tested a hair loss solution... and it worked!”

Pierre was losing a lot of hair.  So he began using an anti-hair loss treatment, which finally worked. He has also learned how to better manage his stress. Here is his testimony.


Pierre, when did you start to lose your hair?

It was my wife who noticed that my hair starting thinning along my forehead. I must have been about 30 at the time. I hadn’t really paid close attention until Corinne pointed it out to me. We were at the beach and I had just got out of the water, with my wet hair swept away from my face, when she really noticed it.  When we got home, I looked through some photos that had been taken 10 years earlier. It was really obvious!  In only a few years, I had lost a lot of hair.


Did you then start losing more hair?

Yes, I did. I lost a lot of hair all at once. When I woke up in the morning, I could count up to 20 strands of hair on my pillow. It was pretty scary! I thought it was simply a passing phase, but it wasn’t. I continued losing my hair and realized that I really had to do something quickly.

The solution

Have you found a solution to prevent hair loss?

Actually, my pharmacist gave me some very good advice. He recommended that I try an anti-hair loss solution, which worked! I methodically applied the solution every day for several weeks. After one month, I was losing much less hair than before. Now, I regularly use the solution as well as special shampoos in between each intensive treatment. I also take time out for sports as it helps me get rid of stress!

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