Intolerant skin

Prickling, redness, tightness: your skin "no longer tolerates the application of any product". Intolerant skin reacts to a multitude of external stimuli which are normally well tolerated. To soothe your hyper-sensitised skin and provide it with daily protection, certain steps are essential.

2 textures for soothing all ultra-sensitive or allergy-prone skin types

Currently, one in two people claim to be allergy-prone and/or intolerant. Because these allergic reactions are primarily expressed on the skin, this is obviously a major concern for many women worldwide. For these women, there is TOLERIANE Ultra, the intense soothing care product for ultra-sensitive or allergy-prone skin types. However, beware of misconceptions: ultra-sensitive skin is not necessarily dry.
This is why TOLERIANE Ultra now exists in two textures, one rich, comfortable and nourishing, the other fluid, fresh and cooling, to provide intense and long-lasting relief to all skin types, whatever the season.


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« When faced with sensitive skin, cleansing lotions should be used without rinsing, along with thermal spring water sprays. »

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