Intolerant skin

Prickling, redness, tightness: your skin "no longer tolerates the application of any product". Intolerant skin reacts to a multitude of external stimuli which are normally well tolerated. To soothe your hyper-sensitised skin and provide it with daily protection, certain steps are essential.

4 habits for soothing ultra-sensitive or allergy-prone skin

"My skin will no longer tolerate anything". Women with allergy-prone and/or intolerant skin are very familiar with this expression. What they do not always know, however, is that skin is constantly changing: dry in winter, it may become mixed or even tend towards oily in summer.

La Roche-Posay now offers TOLERIANE Ultra, a daily care product for sensitive and allergic skin, available in two textures: one rich, the other fluid, providing a refined and suitable care formula whatever the season.

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« When faced with sensitive skin, cleansing lotions should be used without rinsing, along with thermal spring water sprays. »

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