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Invisible spray SPF50+

Ultra high UV protection

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    ANTHELIOS INVISIBLE SPRAY SPF30 provides high broad-spectrum protection preventing damage caused by UVA, UVB Infrared-A and pollution.
    Ultra-resistant to water, sweat and sand. Anti-eye stinging. Light-weight, non-sticky texture.

    Bottle 200ml

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      How much do you know about uva?

      • 95%
        Of total UV rays
      • Reach & damage
      • Penetrate through WINDOWS & CLOUDS

      Did you know uva can cause

      • Melanomas & skin cancer
      • Aging & wrinkles
      • Sensitivity + sun allergies
      • Oiliness/acne aggravation
      • Pigmentation & dark spots


      Very high protection. Ultra resistant. No white marks.

      Broad-spectrum protection shields skin from UVA and UVB rays and helps to prevent damage caused by Infrared-A and pollution. 

      The formula forms strong network of protection providing homogenous, non-migrating, non-greasy and very resistant protection.

      Tested under dermatological control.
      Allergy tested.

      Product efficacy

      For more than 25 years, Anthelios have been pioneers in terms of breakthrough innovations: UVA filters, broad spectrum protection, textures & technologies.

      Clinically proven efficacy on sun sensitive and intolerant skin. Anthelios efficacy has been demonstrated by 31 clinical studies carried out in vivo by world renowned dermatological experts in photo-dermatology.

      Texture & application

      Ultra fluid. Non-greasy. Non-sticky. No white marks.

      Apply the sunscreen product just before exposure. Re-apply frequently and generously to maintain protection, especially after perspiring or towelling. External use.
      Anthelios Invisible spray SPF50+ packshot from Anthelios, by La Roche-Posay

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      A breakthrough ingredient in suncare. The polymers lock the oil within the formula in between micro-crystals. Not only does this make the formula non-greasy but these crystals group together to form a strong network of protection providing homogenous, non-migrating and very resistant protection.


      A powerful blend of UV filters and anti-oxidants that goes above broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection to shield against damage from other skin aggressors such as infrared and pollution.


      Glycerin helps to hydrate and moisturise the skin after initial application.

      Our safety commitments

      Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.