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Effaclar Sebo-controlling mask

The 1st La Roche-Posay unclogging purifying sebo-controlling mask formulated with gentle clays eliminates excess sebum and even invisible impurities (dust, pollution particles) and controls shine.

      The 1st La Roche-Posay mask to cleanse skin from all impurities, even invisible. With good tolerance. No sebum rebound effect. Sebum and impurities absorption and long lasting mattifying effect.

      100 ml tube

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        For oily acne-prone skin.

        Unclogging purifying sebo-controlling mask anti-shine:

        Precise sebium absorption: Kaolin and Argilla

        • Precise and gentle high tolerance micro-clays.

        Soothing: Panthenol
        • Limit rebound effect.

        In-deep purifying: Cellulobeads
        • Magnet and neutralize pollution impurities.

        Product efficacy

        Unclogging purifying sebo-controlling mask anti-shine*:

        Efficacy on oilness & imperfections
        - Reduces the excess of sebum 87%
        - Imperfections seem less visible 83,5%
        - Skin looks less shiny 84%

        Efficacy on skin purity and smoothness
        - Improves the appearance of the skin 89%
        - Leaves the skin perfectly clean and clear 87%
        - Skin looks smoother 85%

        Efficacy on comfort
        - Skin feels comfortable 89%
        - Leaves a feeling of well-being on skin 88%

        *Protocol: 85 Asian women and men, 18 to 40 years old.

        Texture & application

        A creamy clay texture:
        • Easy-to-apply
        • Comfortable
        • Extra-gentle for sensitive skin

        Apply a fine layer to skin once or twice a week. Leave to act for 5 minutes and rinse off thoroughly with water before applying your EFFACLAR daily care. Avoid eye and lips area. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly.
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        KAOLIN and ARGILLA

        Is a hydrated aluminium silicate crystalline mineral, with a natural absorbing properties.


        Sooth and limit rebound effect.


        Magnet and neutralize pollution impurities.

        Our safety commitments

        Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.