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Kerium Anti-Hairloss Shampoo-Complement

Anti-Hairloss Shampoo-Complement

      Restores the hair fibre's body and density. The ideal supplement for anti-hairloss treatments.

      200 ml bottle

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        Male and female hairloss.
        Double action A unique synergy of active ingredients to break the hairloss cycle at any point: 1. Madecassoside, the anti-hairloss innovation derived from research on inflammation, to resorb micro-irritations that accelerate hair loss. 2. Arginine + Vitamin B5 to stimulate hair bulb irrigation and the production of capillary matter. Finally, the body-restoring base immediately gives the hair volume and density. The hair is less sparse.

        Product efficacy

        1. Madecassoside significantly extends hair follicle life vs. Placebo*. For example, after 10 days, 100% of hair follicles are alive, vs. 74% with the placebo.
        2. Arginine significantly stimulates the production of VEGF, a key factor in maintaining micro-circulation around the bulb and providing it with nutrients.
        3. Vitamin B5 fosters the production of cellular energy and the growth of healthy, tonic hair. This active ingredient is widely recognised for its properties and is used in nutritional supplements and treatments against hairloss.

        Texture & application

        For daily use, in combination with other treatments for persistent hairloss, or occasionally for seasonal hairloss.

        Our safety commitments

        Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.