Lipikar Baume AP+

Lipid-replenishing balm.
Anti-irritation. Anti-scratching.
Fragrance-free. Paraben-free.
Very dry, irritated skin prone to icthing. Extreme dryness.
Sensitive and atopy-prone skin. Babies, children and adults.

      Soothes immediately.
      Spaces out the flare-ups of severe dryness.

      400ml pump dispenser and 200ml easy squeeze tube with outer package

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        Severe dry skin in babies, children and adults.
        Also suitable for sensitive, very dry, irritated and itch-prone skin, leading to scratching.
        Also suitable for atopy-prone and allergy-prone skin.
        Innovation stemming from 25 years' reasearch.
        LIPIKAR Baume AP+ with Aqua Posae Filiformis, a new and exclusive patented ingredient, to act on the 2 determining factors for atopy-prone skin:
        Re-establish the and stabilize the microbiome's balance.
        Restore and preserve the skin barrier.
        All within a formula concentrated with:
        and Shea Butter (20%).
        Formula developped using a minimum number of ingredients selected for their efficacy and safety.
        Fragrance-free, paraben-free.
        New Texture ! Quickly absorbs to ease and speed up daily application. Non-greasy, non-sticky finish.

        Product efficacy

        • 82%
        • of Patients using the Baume AP+ during one month don't relpase VS only 26% with people using a standard care.

        Texture & application

        Apply once daily to very dry and irritated skin on the face and/or body, pre-cleansed with a gentle soap-free product such as LIPIKAR SYNDET.
        Lipikar Baume AP+ packshot from Lipikar, by La Roche-Posay

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