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Pigmentclar Eyes

Dark circle skin-evening corrector

      Brown & blue dark circles. Dullness of eye zone: targets the two types of dark circles, illuminates and evens out the eye contour skin.

      15ml Tube

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        Brown & blue dark circles. Dullness of eye zone.
        Innovation PIGMENTCLAR EYES with concentrated [PhE-Resorcinol + Caffeine] visibly reduces the look of blue circles due to poor circulation and brown dark circles caused by melanin overproduction.
        Its gentle melting texture, enriched with light-reflecting pigments, associated with a metal cooling applicator, brightens the eye area and freshens up the appearance.

        Product efficacy

        Clinically proven results*:

        • -23,5 %
        • Blue dark circles

        • -16,8 %
        • Brown dark circles

        • +14,8 %
        • Eye zone skin

        • +10,2 %
        • Eye zone skin

        *Cosmeto-clinical studies on 42 subjects.

        Texture & application

        Apply to eye contour morning and evening.
        Pigmentclar Eyes packshot from Pigmentclar, by La Roche-Posay

        Our safety commitments

        Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.